Speedo Mystery

Filed under: Restoration — Wrote by Roger Los on Wednesday, October 21st, 1998 @ 4:54 am

I’m about to send my speedometer away for repair, but I’m not sure I have the correct instrument:

Hopefully I’ll be able to confirm that this is the right piece sometime soon. The bike is completely disassembled now, I’m starting in on the engine, and will sending the frame out soon. I’ll have some photos to post next time to show what a “BSA kit” looks like, right out of the box!


Running expense list:

    $1,100 (previous entry total)
         0 (no new expenses)

Running Time clock*:

hours   26 (previous entry total)
        12 (disassembly)
        38 (total to date)

*I work at a leisurely pace.

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