The Doldrums

Filed under: Restoration — Wrote by Roger Los on Wednesday, January 20th, 1999 @ 4:58 am

Not much has been happening these last few months. I drew up a large spreadsheet of parts that I need to “complete” my restoration, and started checking catalogs and sending lists around to various companies on the web.

I’ve found a few pieces locally, but the reaction from vendors to my mega-list (about 200 items) has been strange, if slightly understandable. Nobody really wants to fill this order. Too much work, apprently. Ah, well, perhaps I’ll break it down into smaller chunks.

I did have the generator rebuilt for $130 or so, and have tried my hand at aluminum polishing without huge success.

I hope to have some more progress to report soon.

Running expense list:

    $1,100 (previous entry total)
       130  Generator rebuild
       350  Misc. parts, mostly small engine bits
        50  Pilot lamp

Running Time clock*:

hours   38 (previous entry total)
        10 (misc.)
        48 (total to date)

*I work at a leisurely pace.

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