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Filed under: Restoration — Wrote by Roger Los on Tuesday, June 8th, 1999 @ 5:07 am

Well, so much for being done by spring. I really haven’t started yet…though I guess that’s only partially true. A new hoped-for “first kick” is in time for the big local ride in late August, early September, but making that will take a miracle:

  1. My tank and toolbox have yet to be sent back, though we ran into some trouble with pitting on the tank. Might be here next week (!).
  2. The engine casings might also get back here next week. They were pretty rough, and were sent out to an engraver to go over the piled arms logo on the timing case.
  3. Autosport Seattle still has my frame (in order to sleeve and re-bush the brake, center stand, and side stand pieces) and most of my engine for machining. Hopefully will get those back in the next couple of weeks. No fault of theirs, I told ’em not to rush it, but now that my engine casings are on the way…
  4. I did get the gearbox largely rebuilt, which was fun and not too complicated. We’ll see what it sounds like on the road!
  5. I found a chain guard, and now need to make a reproduction of the pilot lamp housing, but once the tank and frame are back, I can visit the paint shop, the biggest remaining hurdle.

I’m going to take the pictures I promised, but I don’t have anything to show right now! Scoot over to this site to take a peek at where this is all happening.

Running expense list:

    $4,600 (previous entry total)
         0  No change

Running time clock*:

hours   60 (previous entry total)
         8 (gearbox and misc.)
        68 (total to date)

*I work at a leisurely pace.

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