Forks and Front Fender

Filed under: Restoration — Wrote by Roger Los on Saturday, October 6th, 2001 @ 5:26 am

It took some doing, but the forks are now mounted on the frame. The reproduction expensive English bearing cups for the frame have their races cut too “high” up in the cap–almost a millimeter each. I didn’t note this, as they are the same external height as the originals, until I had mounted them in the frame. Alas, once there, they were not coming back out. So with the help of my friendly machine shop, we turned the lower triple clamp so that the bottom race sat correspondingly lower. This was fiddly and required much trial and error. Ugh.

I have spent about $100 so far on reproduction pieces that haven’t fit. Some have been tossed aside, some have required lots of fiddling to fit. Ah, well, all part of the “fun.”

Here’s some photos of the bike as she now sits. I also got my wheels back from Buchanan’s in California, my tires should be here on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to get my drums turned and the shoes relined and matched to the drums sometime next week.

Running expense list:

    $6,400 (previous entry total)
       200  Wheel lacing
       150  Tires
        80  Misc parts

Running time clock*:

hours  108 (previous entry total)
        12 (misc.)
       120 (total to date)

*I work at a leisurely pace. It’s pretty damn approximate, too.

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